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COVID tests - Book! Swab! Go! 

Doing COVID swabs with our Book! Swab! Go! system is a breeze!


We do FREE COVID RAT tests nasal swabs for both Enrolled and Casual Patients!


Strictly by Appointments ONLY so no long waiting times and no queuing in your car!


With booked appointment slots, you never have to wait for more than 15 minutes!


To reduce cross contamination and infection risk for both patients and staff - We do COVID swabs in an external sheltered corridor just outside our Purple Clinic with lots of nice breezy, fresh air flow!


Chairs and equipment are wiped down after every patient! Staff are in FULL PPE!  


Please wait in your car till you are called - we do not encourage queuing or waiting along the corridor.  

We do mainly the recommended gentle RAT test nose swabs.

Please note:

We can only provide examination and PCR testing for ENROLLED patients who have symptoms

but are tested negative with our supervised RAT tests.


We endeavour to follow up closely and look after any of our enrolled patients who are tested COVID positive so do call us for assistance.

Casual patients with positive RAT tests and require further treatment / management

will be referred back to their own GP’s for proper care and support.  

We are no longer providing COVID vaccination.


Any patients who require the Pfizer COVID vaccine can approach our neighbour ROYAL HEIGHTS PHARMACY.

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