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Our Story 

Dr Fred and his wife, Joanne, ran a successful GP clinic in Singapore till 2013 when they moved here for their children’s education. This year, to mark the 30th anniversary of Dr Fred’s graduation as a doctor,

they are bringing their own unique style of Premier Healthcare to West Auckland.

They combined their meticulous attention to detail, efficiency from their experience in fast paced Singapore,

and their strong commitment to excellent customer service, to create a wonderful GP clinic experience.

Newly renovated from scratch by Joanne, the clinic was designed to be a comfortable and soothing place that feels more

like a cosy home instead of a clinical environment. Every little detail has been thought through thoroughly, from health-safe sound insulation in the ceiling for maximum privacy between rooms, to the special exhaust and ventilation of the Purple clinic, down to the ultra thick, sound absorbing, non-slip vinyl plank flooring, no cost has been spared to

achieve the look and feel of a bespoke Premier Healthcare establishment!

When was the last time anyone enjoyed their GP visit?

Both of them understand what patients actually go through and together with their team,

they will be doing their best each day to make your visit special so you can get better!

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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our 10 Guiding Philosophies​

To serve the West Auckland community effectively,

efficiently, enthusiastically and excellently!

Our Vision

We are privileged to be YOUR Premier Preferred Provider of Primary Healthcare in West Auckland!

  • Premium, Professional health care!

  • Personalized diagnostic plans!

  • Principal GP for each patient - a familiar face and someone who knows you best!

  • Problem-based approach to help you to address your worries and concerns !

  • Pride in our work!

  • Passionate in our practice!

  • Proactive in disease Prevention!

  • Promote healthy self-care and independence in health decisions!

  • Partnership - working together to achieve better health outcomes!

  • Pleasure to be of service and Privileged to care for you and your family!

Our results policy

Our policy is to inform you of ALL Labtest /Radiology results ordered by our staff. If you have not heard from us after one week, please contact us.

Our Primary Health Organisation

We are privileged to have as a partner, The Cause Collective (originally Alliance Health Plus) a Primary Healthcare Organisation (PHO) that serves a network of 36 General Practices and over 109,000 patients.

AH+ is led by a highly experienced and proactive team that not only provides us

support and guidance but also advocates for us to be listened to.

Their key values include Compassion, Courage, Honesty, Respect and Service

and they strive every day to transform the health & well-being of all families and communities

to live a strong, well and long life.

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