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Please book an appointment first
We have no walk-in appointments

To prevent cross contamination from patients crowding in a waiting room, we operate strictly by appointments ONLY

so do call our friendly receptionist to book an appointment. We usually do NOT have available appointment slots for patients to simply walk-in to see us so

CALL us first before you come.

Doctor's Appointment

Standard appointments are
15 minutes

Our standard appointments are for 15 minutes only.

This is usually adequate for one major issue

or a couple of minor issues.

If you feel that you have many different issues and require more time, please book in for an extended consult and this will be charged at the extended consultation rate accordingly.


Please note that our contractual agreements for the consultation rate is for the first 15 minutes ONLY.

Any extra time spent in consultation will be charged at the standard rate of $18 per 5 minutes.

When you arrive

If you are driving, park near the playground where there are ample parking spaces including 2 disabled parking spots.

Anyone with a fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat,

body aches or any other cold or flu symptoms

should NOT enter the waiting room/reception area.


Upon arrival, please notify the receptionist at 09 393 6313 and wait in the car or outside at the SIDE ENTRANCE.


If you are not in a vehicle, stay at the side ramp and

under shelter and we open out side entrance

to look for you at your allocated appointment time.

Access to Purple Clinic Royal Heights Doctors.JPG

Face masks necessary for entry into clinic!

To protect our patients and staff, we still require MASKS

to be worn at all times inside our premises.


We ask everyone from 10 years of age to please wear a mask because the clinic is an indoor enclosed space used by babies, young children, the elderly or immunocompromised persons. We also need our staff to stay well so that we can continue to provide an essential service to our community.

If you have a mask exemption, please inform us beforehand and we will see you in our Purple Clinic.

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