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We can do something for everyone!
Bring your baby, child, young adult, older adults and yourself !

  • GP consultations for acute and chronic conditions for all aspects of primary care.

  • Long term conditions care – eg. diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood pressure

  • Interesting Diagnostic Dilemmas - stretching the limits in finding what's wrong

  • COVID related consultations including screening, diagnostic, pre-travel swabs & also blood tests 

  • Health Checks - Premium, personalised Well Person health checks

  • Accidents care and ACC consultations, referrals, certificates 

  • Wound care both post-operation and ACC related 

  • Vaccinations / Immunisations and Catch up vaccinations / Overseas vaccination catch ups / China vaccination schedule interpretation and catch-up

  • Pre-conception and early pregnancy care 

  • Driving licence medical examinations

  • Sexual health and wellness

  • WINZ / disability allowance certificates 

  • Referrals for both public and private specialists

  • Slit lamp examination for external eye conditions

  • Special otoscope for ENT conditions

  • Dermatoscopy and referrals for worrying skin lesions

  • ECGs and spirometry

  • Cervical smears

  • Blood taking/intravenous therapy including Aclasta and Ferinject infusions

How you can consult us

To provide excellent personalised healthcare, we would rather see you in person so we can speak to you face to face and perform a proper clinical examination.

We do understand that this is not always possible such as during COVID ALERT level 4 and we can arrange for a phone or video consult if necessary.

Call our friendly reception staff and we can arrange for a phone or video consult using a platform convenient for you!

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