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The Purple Clinic

The Purple Clinic was designed to be pandemic prepared and COVID ready!

There is a separate access through a side entrance!

A commercial exhaust clears 550 cubic meters per hour, that's the whole room in just 3 minutes!

A dedicated air con warms the room in winter and cools it in summer!

Staff will see you in full PPE!

If you have any of these, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of the Purple Clinic: 

At least one of the following symptoms (with or without fever): 

  • new or worsening cough

  • fever (at least 38˚C)

  • shortness of breath

  • sore throat

  • runny nose

  • loss of sense of smell or altered sense of taste


Meet the HIS (High Index of Suspicion) criteria in the 14 days prior to symptom onset:  

  • travelled abroad 

  • direct contact with a person who has travelled abroad in the preceding 14 days 

  • recently left an MIQ facility

  • COVID essential worker such as Customs and Immigration staff, staff at quarantine/isolation facilities, international aircraft or shipping vessel, cold storage workers

  • travelled or from an area with an evolving COVID-19 community outbreak (including in New Zealand 

Doing COVID swabs with us is a breeze! 

We do FREE COVID swabs for both Enrolled and Casual Patients!

Strictly by Appointments ONLY!

No waiting for more than 15 minutes with booked appointments. 

To reduce cross contamination and infection risk for both patients and staff - 

We do COVID swabs in an external sheltered corridor just outside our Purple Clinic.

With lots of nice breezy, fresh air flow! 

Chairs and equipment wiped down after every patient! 

Staff in FULL PPE!  

Please wait in your car till called - we do not encourage queuing or waiting along the corridor.   

We take your ear temperature and your finger pulse oximetry.

We do mainly the recommended gentle nose swabs.

No long waiting times! 

No queuing in your car!

Book, Swab, Go! 

FREE COVID vaccines by appointments ONLY!

We are pleased to offer FREE COVID vaccines to both Enrolled and Casual patients!

Simply call to make an appointment and our friendly receptionist will help you plan a date and time to have your COVID vaccine done in our comfortable settings by our Lead Nurse Mary, who is an excellent qualified vaccinator! 

Due to the vaccine preparation requirements and to avoid wastage, we are currently unable to offer walk-in vaccinations.


We are confident that the bespoked services of our entire team will make your COVID vaccination experience an enjoyable one!   

Person Getting Vaccinated

Pre-registering online 

To reduce contact, we encourage you to call us or register online before your consultation.

Download and fill the enrolment form, sign it and email it back to us and we can do the rest!

If you only want a casual consult, simply indicate to us on the email.

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When you arrive 

If you are driving, park near the playground.

If you are not in a vehicle, stay at the side ramp and under shelter.


Call reception at 09 393 6313 and tell us you have arrived. 


Wait for a phone call from our doctor

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Wait for a phone call to come into the Purple Clinic 

Our doctor will call you on your mobile for an initial phone consultation first.

He will then instruct you to come up the side ramp and into the Purple Clinic.

At Alert Level 4, we will be doing COVID swabs for both Enrolled AND Casual patients just outside this door. Please call for an appointment to pre-register and avoid a long queue!