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Personalised GP services – One GP in charge of you

We believe that patients deserve to have one main GP

who knows them well and can take care

of their health in the long term.

Because of this philosophy, we limit each doctor’s total enrolments so that the principal GP can look after a small population well and avoid enrolled patients under their care having to wait many weeks to see their own GP.


That means when you come in you see a familiar face and enjoy continuity of care for your health and well-being.

We are accepting applications for new enrolments BUT

we are unable to process SAME DAY enrolments

due to our recent greatly increased workload.


We  encourage you to pre-enrol and send us all your information BEFORE you come in so that we can process your enrolment and obtain your old notes.​

  • Fill up the enrolment form online

  • ​Print out and sign the form manually

  • Complete the health questionnaire

  • Email us your enrolment form and health questionnaire with your proof of identity and eligibility documents (birth certificate/passport/visa) and our team will inform you once the enrolments are properly processed and your medical notes have come through from your previous GP.

Please check for eligibility to enrol

In order to look after you better, please complete the health questionnaire which is a screening tool for us to understand and provide better for your total health and wellness needs.

Important enrolment Information

We are a full service GP clinic catering to a diverse population across different ages and socio-economic status.

Our unique and bespoke medical services requires lots of time, dedication to details and commitment to premier quality service. 

We need to maintain an equitable proportion and distribution of different ages of our enrolled patients

so that we can keep the waiting time to a GP appointment to 1-2 working days,

We are reaching Dr Fred's full capacity for new patients so

we are not able to accept each and every application for enrolment.

We will still accept new applications and enrolment forms and place these forms

in our WAITING LIST pending any outward movements of patients. 

If you are on our waiting list, please DO NOT call or email our reception to ask how long the wait is as we are not able

to predict outward movements of patients, how far you are down the list or when exactly you will be enrolled.

In the meantime, depending on availability, we may be able to provide medical care for non-enrolled casual patients with

non-urgent, non-URTI / COVID related conditions - these consultations will be charged at a casual rate.

Please call us to check our availability.

If you are not enrolled with us 

If you are not enrolled with us, please note that we are NOT a walk-in or urgent care clinic.

Do call your current GP for any acute or current issues, especially if it is COVID related.

If you have an urgent problem, please go to the nearest White Cross / A & M doctor in Lincoln Road or Westgate Medical.

If you have a problem that you want to consult us for a second opinion, we have limited capacity each day

to see non-enrolled patients as CASUAL consults, which will be charged at the CASUAL rate of $100 for a 15 minute consult

If you have a complex problem and require more time, extended consults are billed at

$33 per 5 minute block  beyond the initial 15 minutes.

Please call us at 09 393 6313 for an appointment first.

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