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Westerly Editorials 

Dr Fred regularly submits editorials in the Health and Beauty Section of the Westerly magazine to share some insights into health and well- being. 

The Westerly magazine is an excellent resource for people living in West Auckland and keeps the community updated and informed.

Click here to read the Westerly  

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Dr Fred’s Book 

《The Metabolic Apocalypse》

Dr. Fred spent 3 years researching, writing, and typesetting this breakthrough book about Metabolic Syndrome and created The Liberty Diet, the diet that sets people free!

Published in 2005 in Singapore, this book is still relevant in most aspects till today as the principles and practices it teaches are timeless! 

Would you like a free copy?

Come by the clinic and ask our reception for one!

You can also collect your free copy from our friendly neighbourhood pharmacy Royal Heights Pharmacy next door. 

If you would like more for your family and friends, just ask. Who knows? Together we might be able to achieve a healthy diet and long-term lifestyle change! 

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